Hydrangea Forever&Ever®

Plantarium 2016

Plantarium is the leading international tree nursery trade fair. Participants from 15 different countries and trade visitors from 48 countries underline the international nature of the fair and make Plantarium the leading wholesale market for tree nursery products in Europe.

Forever&Ever is represented at the fair. We are looking forward to meet you at our booth.

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Forever&Ever hydrangea

Because Forever&Ever is so easy to maintain, you will spend more time sitting back and enjoying it. Forever&Ever is a very user-friendly plant and is suitable for anyone. Forever&Ever means anyone can now create a fabulous sea of flowers in their garden, even if you are not blessed with green fingers!

Contrary to other Hydrangea macrophylla, this Hydrangea flowers on annual and perennial wood. Each branch, therefore, flowers, regardless of pruning or frost.
Dream the day away with Forever&Ever.

Forever&Ever hydrangea

Forever&Ever landschaping

A colorful, green environment has positive effect on the health of people and contributes to the quality of life. Forever&Ever has now developed a separate line for landscaping. Because of the unique characteristic, flowers on annual and perennial wood, maintenance is very simple. The plant can be pruned mechanized, without handing it to floriferousness. Put your faith in Forever&Ever hydrangea blue. This hydrangea won’t leave you feeling blue, and flowers every year with the most wonderful flowers.

Forever&Ever landscaping

Forever&Ever sustainability

We dare to say that Forever&Ever is the most sustainable hydrangea of the Netherlands! Forever&Ever constantly innovats when it comes to sustainable cultivation and has for years produced responsibly. Anno 2015, the hydrangea is grown almost entirely non-toxic. By making use of a bio-based product, the hydrangeas are grown many times cleaner and more environmentally friendly, without either compromising on quality. Very exceptionally, in case of emergency, the use of chemicals can not be ruled out, but in this we are continuously looking for an alternative.

Forever&Ever sustainability